Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's called a mission!

So as many of my loyal fans and listners know (those who are my family and have to like me), that I have been trying to go on a mission for sometime now and it's been a roller coster. But this week I hope to have my papers sent in.

But I try not to think to much about it. I never realized how crazy missions are if you don't have a testimony and don't really want to do it. I guess I may be late for this train and everyone else has already realized this especially those that have already served. I honestly just don't think about. At times during the day I stop and remember that I am closer than I ever have been in the last year and a half to going on a mission and I get so excited. But then the ugly monster rears it's head and asks why I'm so excited to go knock on doors and deal with skitzos for companions (and yes I am conviced that I am going to have at least one companion with a mental disease).

What I am really saying is that these past few months have been so exciting finding a testimony bigger than myself, and realizing why I am doing this, and excited about it. Of course I'm going to walk on the plane like a dear in the head lights in robotic fashion, but sooner or later I'll come out of the "just get on the plane coma" and it will be an amazing experience, because I'll be taking steps to becoming the person that I hope to be someday, and yes that is like you mom and dad. Maybe someday I'll rival mom's unconditional love and worry for her children and even those she barely knows, and maybe some day I'll rival dad's steadfastness in the gospel. Though I'm not there today, serving my Heavenly Father faithfully (maybe painfully) will take me that much closer.

To all I bid farewell until the next time I write on my blog (which may be never, or three years from now, and hopefully I'll have pictres, Okay actually it will be when I get my call........)