Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Look I'm writing in my blog again!!!!

So just for the record I should state a couple of things not that they are terribley interesting but whatever.

1. I have finally graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor's of Art and a major in Spanish.
2. I have finally received my diploma, and it is sitting on my desk.
3. I have my mission papers pretty much ready to be submitted but I have to pay off my Oregon State Student account first and then I can submit my papers and that would be awesome when that day comes.
4. I am living with Grandma Ray in San Francisco and doing pretty well now that I have two friends here. I mean I have family but, that it's diferent when people don't have to like you because of blood relation.

Well that is pretty much the end and that was pretty lame! Well, my computer is not working right now, but when have access to a picture of my beautiful diploma I will post that too. I hope everyone is doing sooo soooo well!