Saturday, July 19, 2008

the tale of the not so good shoes

I´ll start off this story by telling you how for my birthday, my generous sister Linda bought me some flip flops that are so cute. So I wanted to wear them as soon as possible and the occasion arose when we all were to venture to the GEM SHOW, OOOO!
Well before we go I show my mom my cool new flip flops that Linda bought for me. Mom tells me how cute they are but then warns me to bring an extra pair of shoes and put them in the car just if the rare occurrence happens that they break. I tell oh, "oh mom, flip flops never break!"
We get to the
GEM SHOW, OOOO! and drop off mom and Grandma at the entrance and then we proceeded to find a parking space for the car. Linda finds a parking spot and we start walking to the entrance. Just in these few steps I start to have a hard time keeping my shoes on my feet as I lift my foot up which is funny to me because they fit fine. As I continue to walk my flip flops start to compress like my weight is too much for them with indentions from my feet just after ten steps that most people make in their shoes after ten wears!!!! Suddenly as I lift my foot the shoes falls and catches on the ground pulling the flip flop apart and ripping the back end off from the shoe, yeah and this is what it looked like.
and this....

well we found a payless after searching through the mall for a while....shoe less might I add, with every child looking at me like I was crazy, or with envy! I bought this one pair that I have been wanting to buy, and it was an excellent choice since I spent the rest of the day in very very comfortable non breakable shoes! but next time I´ll listen to my mommy´s very wise counsel!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It´s nice to be back!

So I have picked up my life in a new location once again. I moved down to San Francisco in with Grandma, but most of you who are reading this are well aware that I am here and this is not anything new to you. I guess I just wanted to post this to clear up confusion on what my plans are, as best I can because they are confusing even to me.

So I am looking for a job here which I have a lot of leads and I´m very excited about. I have one term left to finish at Oregon State then I will have my long awaited bachelors degree in Spanish. I´m planning on going back to Oregon for fall term of this year, and then returning once again to Grandma´s so I can work on going on a mission since the stake where the sunset ward is has funds to help me on my mission, therefore I will be leaving from Grandma´s ward (my new ward) to the mission field. I have some debts to pay off that are school related but that is why I´m here living with grandma because she gives me free living accommodations, okay and because I miss her.

After a mission I plan on gaining residency here in California so I can attend grad school at a lower cost, and I´m not sure which one I want to go to, but I do want to certify for teaching down here because then I can teach almost anywhere. Grad school for the teaching program is only one short year and then I can finally start my future career YIPEEE!

Well, I hope you all are doing great and having so much fun in the sun if there is any where you are. I miss you all, unless you are here in California then I´ll see you soon!