Saturday, November 7, 2009

Croatia....not an island off the coast of Africa!

Just for the record, "my friend" who I am very close with thought Croatia was an island off one of the coasts of Africa and that people spoke French there....don't judge! Also for the record many people ask me where Croatia is so I didn't feel so alone.

So I have been doing some research on Croatia and a little bit on Slovenia and I wanted to share a few intersting things that I have learned. One is that in Zagreb there is a large spanish speaking population, and the Spanish speakers are from this hemesphere. I'm excited and I hope that I get to use my spanish. I'm bringing my "Predicad el Evangelio" with me and I have been frantically trying to finish it before I get to the MTC. It's funny, I prayed that I would be able to speak spanish on my mission, and I thought Heavenly Father had other plans for me. My friend Erik said one time, "if there is anything that I learned from my mission it is that prayer works". I guess I'm just starting early.

In testimony meeting on sunday I shrank in my seat while mom announced almost the whole mission process to the ward before getting to the puch line...where I am going on my mission. Well, it turned out to be a great thing because someone in the ward came back last year from serving a mission in Croatia and found my mom after sacrament. I talked to her for a while and she told me about the Spanish population in Zagreb. She also speaks Spanish and said that she was able to use the language quite a bit and even translated during church. I personally think that this is going to be a very exciting part for me while I am serving in Croatia. Many people know I love languages and want to learn as many as possible, and many people know that I have always wanted to get into translating. I have done some translating and it was not easy, but my enthusiasm made up for most of my mistakes, hopefully.

Well, if you have any thing to informe me about Croatia let me know, particularly anything about the food (I just want to know if it will be easy not getting fat, because from what I know now, some of the dishes sound disgusting, excellent for my waisline!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Am I going to be in MTC slow classes?

News to my dear ones:

My dearest uncle just sent me word about my missionary application! Are you ready for this? It is not really in processing, it is in "special handling". There you have it, I am slow. I'm just kidding, well maybe. We don't really know what that means, but nothing is wrong so that is good. But judging by what special means pertaining to schools and yellow buses, we can all make a good guess. Okay all jokes aside, I'm just glad that once I decided to stop being frustrated with things, I get happy news that Heavenly Father is in charge of all things and that my application is going forward and soon I will say "So long Suck Town!" and maybe go on to another suck town. Then I can officially stop overusing the word Pergatory or Limbo or, well I won't say that one.

So here is the picture that I put on my missionary application...which may describe why I am in "special handling"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The heart of Pergatory!

For the past month I have been excited to tell people my good news, PAPERS ARE IN! But not after waiting almost a month for a mission call, just to know that it's still in processing (which means it's in the first stage and hasn't even gotten to the comittee who decides where I go). I have never been good at waiting for things, especially when I have done everything I could and now am waiting on human hands...and maybe the Lord.

This whole year, as many of you know, I have refered to this time as being in Pergatory. I can't finish my schooling because I promised Heavenly Father I would give him 18 months. I couldn't go on a mission due to some debts. Well now I have advanced to the heart of Pergatory. I still can't advance on future plans because I am waiting for a mission call that is supposed to be coming from a lost application (at least that is my explanation for why it's been in processing for three's lost). I know that seems silly, but if you know me, it makes more sense. If you don't know, I'll tell you. I am a get in, get done person...I'm a finisher. That may explain to you a lot. I don't just want to finish things-have another notch on my belt-I just like doing things and finishing them especially when it's about my future. So when I can't do things and finish them because I am waiting on something that is out of my hands, I get a little antsy and a little grumpy and a little un productive. It makes me laugh when people tell me that I am laid back. I just don't tell them that it's because I am always laid back when lounging around your house and eating your food.

So why is this post here? It's a rant! Should I not be ranting while waiting on the Lord's time or maybe human mistakes? No. Should I erase this post? Probably. But does it make me feel better to get this off my chest?................not really.

As everyone does through life and especially in the crazy early twenties, I am learning and I want you to see that. I don't feel better when I complain about this time in my life and I don't feel better when I am not being patient. As I put this all in perspective to the things that have happened and the things that probably will happen, it's not that big of a deal and I know it. This time is testing my patience and I know it, and I want to do better at waiting (and that may be by doing a lot more lounging and your house). This is just a puddle (as aunty Peg once described, there are storms and puddles in life) actually this is more like a stream in the gutter and I happened to step flip flops with dirt already on my feet so now there is mud...I'll stop. So, it's no big deal, just want to tell you I am learing, and I'll be laying on your couch soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

From Pole to Pole, Where do you think I'm going?

Okay my dear ones I want to hear it! I want to know where you think I'm going to be called to serve a mission? But if you are going to take the time to post don't write, "spanish speaking" or "Europe" Be specific like, "Antarctica, Penguiniese".

And whoever is the closest geographically will recieve a personal electronic High Five, compliments of Kristy ooo.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's called a mission!

So as many of my loyal fans and listners know (those who are my family and have to like me), that I have been trying to go on a mission for sometime now and it's been a roller coster. But this week I hope to have my papers sent in.

But I try not to think to much about it. I never realized how crazy missions are if you don't have a testimony and don't really want to do it. I guess I may be late for this train and everyone else has already realized this especially those that have already served. I honestly just don't think about. At times during the day I stop and remember that I am closer than I ever have been in the last year and a half to going on a mission and I get so excited. But then the ugly monster rears it's head and asks why I'm so excited to go knock on doors and deal with skitzos for companions (and yes I am conviced that I am going to have at least one companion with a mental disease).

What I am really saying is that these past few months have been so exciting finding a testimony bigger than myself, and realizing why I am doing this, and excited about it. Of course I'm going to walk on the plane like a dear in the head lights in robotic fashion, but sooner or later I'll come out of the "just get on the plane coma" and it will be an amazing experience, because I'll be taking steps to becoming the person that I hope to be someday, and yes that is like you mom and dad. Maybe someday I'll rival mom's unconditional love and worry for her children and even those she barely knows, and maybe some day I'll rival dad's steadfastness in the gospel. Though I'm not there today, serving my Heavenly Father faithfully (maybe painfully) will take me that much closer.

To all I bid farewell until the next time I write on my blog (which may be never, or three years from now, and hopefully I'll have pictres, Okay actually it will be when I get my call........)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Look I'm writing in my blog again!!!!

So just for the record I should state a couple of things not that they are terribley interesting but whatever.

1. I have finally graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor's of Art and a major in Spanish.
2. I have finally received my diploma, and it is sitting on my desk.
3. I have my mission papers pretty much ready to be submitted but I have to pay off my Oregon State Student account first and then I can submit my papers and that would be awesome when that day comes.
4. I am living with Grandma Ray in San Francisco and doing pretty well now that I have two friends here. I mean I have family but, that it's diferent when people don't have to like you because of blood relation.

Well that is pretty much the end and that was pretty lame! Well, my computer is not working right now, but when have access to a picture of my beautiful diploma I will post that too. I hope everyone is doing sooo soooo well!