Saturday, February 23, 2008

A great weekend in Mexico!

So I've been able to do some pretty fun stuff this weekend. I went to a neighboring city called Tlaquepaque with a friend from school and her brother. It was nice to go with a friend who is from here and she knows where to go and all the sites to see. Talquepaque had a lot of art and home decore stuff. It was great and I had so much fun.
I also went to the Mana concert later that night. World famous, but many people from the state don't know who they are. The presentation was incredible and I can't believe how many songs I didn't know! They play so well live and with a lot of energy. There is nothing more I hate then going to a concert to see the band preform out of habit and not because they love their fans or what they are doing. Mana is from Mexico and so for their last songs they brought out the Mexican flag and had fireworks. What a show, what a show!
The night before I went to a concert. I thought it was just going to be some guy playing a piano, but it was an actual symphony. The pianist was flown in from L.A. and apparently plays all around the world. He played with an orchestra and percussions. I looooooved it!
I'm really enjoying my time here, more than before. I'm making more friends and I feel so busy all the time. It's nice to have a life here with appointments and things to do. My speaking abilities have jumped, and I feel so much more comfortable speaking now than ever before (in spanish of course). I'm really going to miss Guadalajara!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guadalajara pictures

So here are some pictures. The first is a street that I was walking on one day, I just thought the color of the flowers were gorgeous. The next is my house, here where I live with Lorena and her family. The last is the Guadalajara Temple, that I live five minutes from. I went for a baptism session and it was wonderful.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Well last year I went to Cuernavaca, Mexico on a study abroad program. I stayed there from Jauary 3 until July 14. It was the best and the worst! I learned so much Spanish, and I had great teachers, but I missed my family so much.
I studied at the Tecnologico de Monterrey and I took courses in Spanish to improve my Spanish skills. Both semesters were very challenging for me, but it paid off. I feel very comfortable in the language, although I would love to improve even more and plan to.
I got to play volleyball on a team, and it was fun to play against other school. But don't think I'm a star since anyone could join the team. I took an abs class which kicked my butt and I loved it. I learned how to dance Salsa and Banda, and how to get fair prices taking a taxi.
The lifestyle is so different, and I felt that I was truly participating in another culture. I think the hardest thing to get used to was the fact that everything I did there was temporary, and living a temporary life for seven and a half months. I grew a lot and I learned so much!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guadalajara, Mexico

Hello everyone,

welcome to my blog! I wanted to let everyone see what my life is like here in Guadalajara. I'm enjoying myself at the school, and also with my ward and host family. Everyone I met is great and makes me feel at home here. I sometimes I get frustrated and want to compalian or go home (not happening mom), but heavenly father is really blessing me to enjoy this opportunity that I have to study abroad for the second time.
I'm feeling more and more comfortable speaking spanish, and it's been fun speaking Spanglish with the students at school. the students are great, most of the time, just not when they start to whine about silly stuff. I'm helping teachers in five different English class of all types of levels, and I have my own after school English class. I love teaching and my time here has inspired me to be an ESL teacher in middle school or high school. I have subbed in a few other classes, such as reading, ethics, biology and history. I have an inckling that I will really enjoy teaching reading as well, but we will see.
I hope you enjoy my blog and my updates. I miss all of you, but I sure as heck do not miss the rain!