Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan 17, 2011

Dear loved ones,

I hope that after a year you are not sick of these letters by now, but you only have to hold on for a little longer and then I will be done with them, and when I say a little longer I really mean six more months because I hit the six month mark on the fifth.

I haven't written for a couple of weeks because things are crazy! I applied for a postbacc degree to Oregon State for the Fall of 2011. I stated my major as Education and that also helps me to get certified to teach. Rachie said that mom got a call saying that I have been accepted...I think that is what I read, but I haven't gotten a letter or anything I will tell you when it is official. Yahooooo for being able to take care of myself....in a few more years....and I can start paying back all the people that have helped me for so long, I am more than just grateful to you.

Well I never told you that on new years we had to be in by six o clock because it starts to get a little crazy. So we were eating dinner and decided to make goals we made goals for the rest of our mission and for when we go home so that we don't go crazy! It was really nice and it was nice to have the time to evaluate and think of the person I want to be when I get back to wearing jeans and saying in English, "Hi my name is Kristy." (Weird sounding) Then we played games till 11:30 (since we were told we could stay up till 12 but had to be up at 6:30 like usual.) We got ready for bed and then we out on the balcony and realized we are going to miss the fireworks there so we walked one set of stairs to where our land lord lives and found the whole family out there. We live on the second floor of a three story house and each floor is a full on house, with bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms etc. The son lives below us and the landlord lives above us with a family who is somehow related. It was so nice to watch the sky light up at midnight with all sorts of colors and sounds. Well there were enough fire works going on before that too, but 12 o'clock was its own show. It was so wonderful! Then when the fire works died down, we went straight to bed.

A couple of Mondays ago we went to Uglean which is an island close by and I mean thirty minute ferry ride. If you stand on the sea you can see it and it looks like I am on the San Francisco bay looking at Oakland....but European style. We hiked, and I mean hiked all the way to the top and it was so worth it. Fortunately the day was perfect for a hike, perfectly sunny and blue skies but it was around fifty degrees Fahrenheit. We ate some chocolate when we got to the little fortress at the top, since we need so many calories for the trip down, and then realized we are going to miss the ferry and ran some of the way back....just to miss the ferry and have to wait forever for the next one. This may all sound boring but don't you worry I will send pictures next week!

I have been trying to finish the New Testament before the transfer is over, which will happen because that is in the beginning of May. I read a while ago Romans 5:3-5 that tribulation works patience, patience experience and experience hope because of the love of God which is shed forth among all the children of men. It is so nice to know that trials are here for a reason and that we have someone helping us through them. I know that my trials have brought me great experiences that I know are specifically for me and that the Lord knows why they are specifically for me and further knows how to specifically help me through them. The Lord loves us!

I hope you have a wonderful week, even to the ones who just came home from a mission! aka sam.
s ljubavi,

Sestra Dillender

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